Friday, April 29, 2011

Book Review: A Dilli Mumbai Love Story - Abhimanyu Jha

A Dilli Mumbai Love Story is a story of young romance by Abhimanyu Jha. Aniruddh, a Ducati riding, Stephenian with Economics as his subject meets Aparajita aka Apu, a girl from Goa, who loves street food and super long earrings. The two are complete opposites in a lot of ways, but here opposites attract and the cupid strikes only till the lovers witness the terror attack.

The USP of the novel is its unique story line which makes it different from all the other love stories. Although there is an abundance of books on love stories in the market these days, this one will never let you feel bored but keep you hooked till the ending. Love stories at most times become predictable at one point of time but this dilli-mumbai affair will keep you go on and on and the best part is when it tries to weave a real-life event within the fabric of the love affair.

This book is different from the other love stories. While re-living the Taj episode in Mumbai, the author also has tried to prove the strength of love and that however tough the test love has to give, still it wins in the end. You can vaguely try to relate the images of the Taj with the burning passion of love. Aniruddh and Apu are modern day lovers who are warm in their feelings and passionate in their hearts.

At some point in time the love will really touch your soul and you will start relating yourselves to the characters in the book. Everyone in their lives longs to be partners like them who are the epitomes of pure love. Their love is eternal and it’s not a glossier fable and an artificial display of feelings. Here it went beyond themselves where they were truly committed and that gave the strength in whatever they did. They were never alone even in absence; they were always dependent on each other.

A Dilli-mumbai love story is like a whiff of fresh air that will rekindle your senses and feel about love for those who are still not in it. It will rejuvenate your senses. Love is truly divine, pure and eternal.

Title: A Dilli-Mumbai Love Story | Author: Abhimanyu Jha | Publisher: Srishti Publications | Edition: Paperback | ISBN: 9789380349336 | Pages: 100 | Published: 2011