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Axe Effect

The unconventional campaigns sometimes you can combine the traditional advertising with a really exuberant effect. One example is the new initiative of Axe, which in the past had proposed a very innovative marketing.

Do you remember the famous Axe Effect, what with one splash of this masculine scent, all the beautiful women in the world did fall at the feet of the boys? Now that effect was also shown on a turkish newspaper the magazine Digital Age, in fact, was published a page advertising truly unique. There is a little man who does not seem to have much success with women, but just a drop of your perfume, to fill the same page of gorgeous women. To the delight of the protagonist of advertising.

Women know that is not new, since many magazines dedicated to the fairer sex often offer samples of fragrances glamor taste directly in the newspaper, take the opportunity to try new fragrances. But here we have taken another step forward, because the scent is able to magically appear of women around a boy from insignificant. Then the Axe effect is really powerful!

The supremacy on the crowds of a female film star than a boy normal seems absolutely obvious but if that guy knows the incredible power of seduction of Axe, as with the usual irony reveals 'The Click', the new Axe commercials. In the race of the conquest is not Ben Affleck win. But our boy not known. What makes the difference between the two protagonists? Obvious: The Axe Effect. The result is proved scientifically fitted click counter, the two protagonists are able to measure their own charm depending on the number of female looks aroused by their passage. Revealing an abyss of preferences: The Axe Effect has turned the boy any in a star absolutely irresistible.

The protagonists of the spot are a young girl and mannequin Gregorio, used in a teleshopping to explain to his audience how to spray Axe in an ideal way. The Axe Effects does not hesitate: the young, after the body mist spray on the chest of the model can not resist and fell "victim" of the attractive properties of the new perfume, literally jumping on the rigid testimonial.

The spot shows the gradual arrival and broken down by hundreds of thousands of women on a seemingly deserted island. What pushes them in this wild ride? What or who will seek? After so much epic, in the end it turns out that the objective of all the women rushed from every direction, by sea and by land, is a cute and happy boy that you are spraying with the Axe body spray presenting the largest and most spectacular Axe Effect of history.

Axe is a brand of cosmetics and hygiene products mainly for men, group Unilever. Originally a scented deodorant in the form of aerosol, the brand has expanded its range to other products such as shower gels since 2002, as well as hair care ten years later. Advertising campaigns, mainly television, playing on the attraction that the products of the range would cause on women in transition from one man. From the brand that always uses humor and second degree in advertisements, product usage and The Axe effect built into them would attract women.

Antiperspirant deodorants for women and for men are generally effective, but at what price! Due to the presence of aluminum, their use is not recommended for the majority of consumers. Very controversial, aluminum salts have favored the alum stone and rendered many unsuspecting customers. Here husked one of the emblematic products of this family of products: the famous AXE men.

If marketing is always a matter of seduction, this is especially true for AXE, which establishes its strategy around the notion that it is the smell that makes the charm and sexy man. Here is the presentation in fact Unilever: Seduction in a wink. A strong brand with a wide range of pleasant scents. When it comes to seduction, it is obviously essential to feel good.

In every man is hiding a real seducer and it is under the arms lies its attractiveness. The olfactory magnetism that diffuse Axe deodorant on her female peers is matched only by his ability to disrupt behavior. The message of the famous commercials by AXE is clearly, is use axe deo and women will fall for you.

A touch of humor on a seductive wind trying to forget the unlikely alliance of chemical perfume and armpit odor  AXE, let the charm act, More and more you put yourself in you. More you seduce more you clicked, etc. To attract girls dreams, just have its AXE deodorant on hand and to flood the love potion: is it really a deodorant and what is the prescribed dose, half a liter per use?

No need to hide it, we could not resist the urge to check the composition of a substance that makes the angels cast their halo to die for with sensuality.


Anonymous said…
wats d name of the girl in axe googly fine leg ad! wich she's in bathtub !!

Damn she'z hot !

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