Rosie for Autograph

For Rosie Huntington Whiteley modeling is not a lifestyle, but it's just a job. This was revealed by the same star, known for her role in Transformers 3, but especially for shows and photo shoots designer Burberry and Victoria's Secret.

You have to build something for yourself out of what you have, because beauty fades away sooner or later. One of the models is a short lived career. And even if it will always work as a top model, the star has in mind to stay in the fashion. Owning a brand of my own, for example, and enjoy it to the hilt. This really is the beginning of something long term, not as a way of life.

The Huntington Whiteley has created a line of lingerie, Rosie for Autograph, with the British giant Marks & Spencer, which has already won a good number of fans.

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