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Amul: Written in Butter

The Amul Butter campaign with its cute moppet has aroused interest since the last 5 decades. Amuls India, published by HarperCollins, is the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the popular advertising campaign of Amul butter. The butter has a strong symbolic connotation in the Indian world, represents the purest you get from the milk of the cow, sacred to Hindus. Posted on billboards in major cities Amul captures the essence of the nation through advertising that allows us to reconstruct the history of the country, to relieve the crisis and joys, follow the evolution of the company that has grown through, nose up, under the billboards.

The DY Works historical brand strategy and design firm in collaboration with the DaCunha Communication advertising agency that follows the campaign of Amul butter from day one with Amul's India have created an avatar of paper bills, another incarnation of the concept founding of the dairy cooperative that has revolutionized the dairy industry in the early decades of independent India.

Such as butter and as the icon of the campaign, the girl with a bow in her hair and dress with red dots, the book will be accessible to all, not an expensive hardcover edition, but an economic one that does not sacrifice the attention graphics. Like the slogan, always present and often humorously irreverent, the contents are different: interventions that tell the story of Amul and an interview with his patron Dr.V. Kurien . Comments of writers and commentators who lead the analysis of the news of the country reflected through the posters.

Memories and Reflections on the advertising campaign. Readings of billboards from the female perspective and that of the sport. Food for Shyam Benegal who has worked for Amul and has also directed a film of '76, Manthan , produced by 500 farmers of Gujarat protagonists of the revolution Biancha. Words of some of the characters portrayed in the posters from the legendary film actor Amitabh Bachchan at the tennis champion Sania Mirza.

And of course they, the most significant billboards. Some divided by topics from Bollywood scandals, international events, others who follow the narrative thread of employees. All accompanied by captions that make the joke of the billboard, made ​​in Hinglish mixture of English and Hindi and linked to contemporary events, understandable even to those who do not live in India and do not know in depth the reality.

Indians to have this book between the hands is to take a dip in the nostalgic memory, return your minds back to the days when you learned to read, traces the stages of its history. For everyone else it is a fun and beautiful key to understanding the history, society and the aesthetic taste of India.

Employees of this project did not receive any compensation and profits from sales will be distributed as scholarships the purity of butter remains intact. If you are intrigued, you can follow the campaign posters of Amul baby on facebook.


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