FarmVille 2 on Android iOS and Windows Phone

FarmVille 2: Rural Adventure is the new game Zynga weblog that has the potential to win a large number of users Windows Phone. A title that needs no introduction, strong of millions of fans experienced the factors that have learned about this series on other mobile platforms or on the Web.

The goal is always the same to advance their farm, breeding animals, creating agricultural cooperatives and trading various products.

Among the main features of FarmVille 2 for Windows Phone graphics are cared for, the chance to play in offline mode, numerous characters, the ability to customize the farm, lots of fruits and vegetables to be collected, the opportunity to ally with other users, the rewards to be won every day, the opportunity to make money from the various activities that every self-respecting farm offers agriculture, livestock, fisheries and trade.

FarmVille 2, compatible with smartphones Windows Phone 8 and 8.1, can be downloaded for free from the Store. Are you ready to the hard life on the farm?

Fun and different. Here are some adjectives that allow you to identify the best new version for iOS and Android mobile devices to FarmVille 2, which for the occasion called Rural Adventure, or Country Escape.

Zynga has finally taken a big step, which is the porting of its most popular game on mobile devices: with FarmVille 2, you can try every single emotion that is being tested on Facebook and building their own virtual farm.

Graphically speaking, the game is very colorful and with a cartoon style, just like Zynga had accustomed his players on the web, and the same goes for the sound department, which does not change much from that seen in the social network.

The game play was almost unchanged: to build the farm will be a pleasure, only this time, instead of a mouse, you will have to use your hands, since mobile devices are equipped with touch screen. The new farm is then ready to be used: the virtual farmers can have fun again with this game.

The technical sector deserves to be analyzed deeply, as said before, playing to the mobile version of FarmVille 2 is almost identical to the version to play on Facebook. The player will have to cultivate his land, build the farm and warehouses and raise animals: all this could be done even in the classic game, and not to overturn the rules too, Zynga has decided to revive the classical format in this version.

Therefore there will absolutely aid of friends, as well as there will be various missions that must be completed to increase the level of experience, thanks to which you can unlock new trees, animals and crops, as well as blocks and tractors to be inserted into the ground.

The fun therefore will never run with FarmVille 2 Country Escape Rural Adventure, which will allow the player to control his farm even when away from home.

In order to save your progress, and to be helped by his friends, the user can connect the game to the profile of the social network all the benefits that will result will allow the player to be able to create the farm of your dreams.

Not only, however: to prevent the original version of Facebook's game to lose players, Zynga has decided to link the two games , so that even the fun derives a profit. Basically, when the player gets different objects or complete objectives could then also to receive rewards, these may, in addition to being used in the game for mobile devices, also be used in the game of FarmVille 2 on Facebook.

This will be possible thanks to the connection of the game for mobile devices with Facebook and FarmVille 2: the same can also be done in the opposite case, thus increasing the overall fun. Two different but related farms here, then, that even for mobile devices came the farm most beloved and played ever, namely FarmVille 2.

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