Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Book Review: Bangalore Calling - Brinda S Narayan

Bangalore, once the Garden City of India came to the limelight to become one of the most hottest and debated destinations of the world. And the revolution that changed it all for the city was the sweeping IT revolution and the BPO industry and Bangalore became a household name for IT giants.

And now going behind the scenes is Brinda S Narayan through her book Bangalore Calling, which is a story about employees in a Call Center in Bangalore, and their way of life their. Interspersed with tales of demanding customers, fake identities and accents and struggles in personal life to maintain harmony with friends and family, it is a portrayal of individual in the backstage of the shining IT capital of India.

The book has beautifully linked tales about different kinds of incidents happening day to day in a call centre, which for some moments will keep you glues till you complete the last page. It will make you ponder about some harsh realities of different spheres of life from the boss to the employees to the car driver and also the office cleaners.

The stories vividly portrays the aspirations, the thoughts, dreams and the day to day job and how different people mix together to create a harmony to make an industry running keeping global standards. The writing is lucid and crisp, aptly narrating tales where somewhere you can also relate your job to it. You will just keep reading the book still you finish it.

The book takes a deep hard look into the entire outsourcing and ethics debate. It is like a piece of America but modified to Indian conditions just like the Mcaloo Tikki. For once you'll feel not everything shining is gold. You need to put a lot of dedication and hard-work for real success in life and the important part is in creating a balance between life and work.

Bangalore Calling is a must read with its compact storytelling without use of much drama and word jugglery. For once you can have a glimpse of the entire industry and paint a picture of it. It will surely make you stand-up and ponder for a few moments.

Format: Paperback ♥ Published: July 2011 ♥ Publisher: Hachette India ♥ ISBN13: 9789350092194 ♥ Language: English